Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Poetic Interlude Number III

This is my apology for not having a story to post. You see, my laptop has the death and is refusing to even start up, so I can't even pull files off of it onto something else. It is generally a horrible situation. I'm hoping it will magically start working again, at least for a short while, but either way it looks like I need to do some shopping for a new computer. I'm still working on two or three ideas. I might even try writing some by hand when I'm at home. We'll see.

An Apology

An apology in verse
Short and sweet and terse
I'll return with more to say
Of one who dug a grave
For those he loved so dear
And of a boy in fear
Lest his mother, in a whirl
Should dress him as a girl

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