Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Word & Question, Again

I promise I'm working on prose things too. But until they are ready, I want to make sure I get this one up before the end of the month.

Word: Inheritance
Question: What was your first concert?

"Come along," said my roommates
So we did, my lady and I
Across the border, into another state
To hear songs I didn't know too well
A few I did, "Broken Road" for one
Before it was stolen by others to sell
And turned into a country song

They saved the best for last, of course
Played Bojangles for their encore
And a song by that other Band
The plain one, without the Nitty and Gritty
"The Weight" with a bit of Dirt thrown in

An inheritance of song followed us home
Back across the border, through a blinding storm
My lady at rest upon my shoulder

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Paying a Debt

I owe some old Word & Question entries. The answers to the questions are hidden. The first is, I think, the better and more important of the two, though I am not completely satisfied. It feels unfinished.

In the Silence After the Rain
Beneath the wide and starry sky
Together we lie, my lover and I
In the mists that follow the rain
With soft caress and fleeting sigh
Our love we give, our life to die
In the silence after the rain

Word: Silence
Question: What's your favorite season?
Ascetic Verses
Bare the wall that held the door
Coarse the wood and cold the floor
Upon the stones he stood and prayed
While all around the demons played
A silent war, a hidden rage
For souls they fought upon the stage
For priests and brothers, sisters, daughters
Sons and mothers, virgins, lovers
For holy sinners, drunks and whores
Dramas won on silent shores
Battles joined for hidden stores
The ascetic fights a wordless war

Word: Ascetic
Question: Dare I enter?