Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Word and Question


I came across this little game on my friend Enbrethiliel's blog (well, I seem to remember she prayed for me at least once, which makes us friends, even if that mostly consists of me stalking her on her blog :P). The rules and original post are here, and the latest round was posted last week.

The general idea is that each participant puts a word and a question into a virtual hat, and then gets one of each in return. Then, everyone writes a poem that uses the word and answers the question.

So, without further fanfare and adieu (yes, yes, I know), I give you:

Matrix Analysis

Always planning everything
Chasing notions round
Never doing anything
Staring at the ground
Thinking through the angles
Rhymes and imagery
And decision matrices
Trying to untangle
Every little signal
That I'm sending with a word
Plotting looks and tones
And drowning out the drone
Of voices saying "overthinking
Is all you ever do"
But know that simpler, pretty verses
Spring from moments unrehearsed
And in an hour, maybe two
Thought fades into beauty
And ponderous soliloquies
Of what is, and ought to be
Are tossed aside for hope, and you

Did you know it's social protocol to tell me it's wonderful and you can't wait to read more of my poetry? Really, it's what you do when you have a friend who's proud of something they really suck at!

I will award points for the first person to correctly identify: what that last paragraph was a reference to; what my word was; what my question was. These are fiat points, and like cloth money, they have no intrinsic value, but they're fun.